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Savour the Taste of Dorset at The Greyhound Inn

Where every bite tells the story of Corfe Castle’s enchanting heritage.

In the heart of Dorset, beneath the ancient ruins of Corfe Castle, The Greyhound Inn stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and local heritage. With us, dining is not just about the food. It’s about immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of the area’s history and the lush, natural beauty that surrounds us. Our belief is that a meal should be a journey that brings people closer to the essence of Dorset through each flavour and sip.

The Greyhound Inn champions the very best of what Dorset has to offer. It’s committed to sourcing locally and fostering connections within our community. Our menu is crafted with care and expertise, and showcases the freshest ingredients. It transforms them into dishes that speak to the soul of our region. This dedication to quality and authenticity doesn’t just elevate the dining experience. It also supports and celebrates the local producers who are the backbone of our community.

Choosing to dine at The Greyhound Inn means more than just enjoying a meal; it’s an opportunity to create memories in an unparalleled setting. Whether it’s a casual gathering, a family celebration, or a quiet moment of reflection against the backdrop of Corfe Castle, know this. Our doors are open to all who seek to discover the true flavour of Dorset. Here, every visit is a testament to our beloved county’s enduring charm and vibrant spirit.

Unwind under the shadow of Corfe Castle with delectable dining that echoes the region’s heritage.



The Benefits of Dining at The Greyhound Inn

Experience the finest dining in Dorset, where every meal celebrates our culinary heritage.

    1. A Gateway to Local Flavours

      Local ingredients, global tastes. We select the finest local ingredients, blending tradition with innovation. This brings a slice of Dorset’s rich agricultural heritage to your plate, with every bite.

    2. A Feast for the Senses

      Scenic dining experience. Our unique location offers stunning views of Corfe Castle. Dining here is not just about the food; it’s an immersive experience that delights all senses.

    3. A Commitment to Quality

      Crafted with Care. Each dish is a testament to our chef’s expertise and passion. This dedication ensures that your dining experience is memorable, making us stand out as one of the best restaurants in Dorset.

    4. A Hub of Sustainability

      Supporting the community. By sourcing locally, we not only enhance flavours but also contribute to the local economy. This approach fosters a sense of community and sustainability.

    5. A Destination for All Occasions

      Memorable moments. Catching up casually or celebrating? Our welcoming atmosphere and versatile menu make every visit special. We’re more than just a meal; we’re a destination where memories are made.



Best Restaurants in Dorset



Delight in Dorset with Every Visit to The Greyhound Inn

How we craft the finest Dorset dining experience at the best restaurant in Dorset.

At The Greyhound Inn, we’re committed to enriching your dining experience. We combine traditional hospitality with a commitment to local sourcing and sustainability. At the heart of our ethos is embracing local produce. When you dine with us, you enjoy a meal and support the local economy and environment. Our menu is carefully curated with ingredients from Dorset’s rich farmlands. This reflects our dedication to freshness, quality, and community support. The benefits of using local produce extend beyond our dishes’ superior taste and freshness.

According to PDQ Funding, sourcing ingredients locally boosts the local economy. It also ensures fresher ingredients on your plate and supports environmental sustainability. This is done by reducing transportation and packaging waste. Our kitchen’s philosophy mirrors this commitment. Each dish is designed to bring the authentic taste of Dorset to your table. It enhances your meal with ingredients known for their vibrancy and flavour. Our union with esteemed local suppliers shows our dedication to the community and the environment. These collaborations allow us to serve dishes made with the freshest ingredients. They also strengthen the local economy and foster a sense of community. Furthermore, embracing local sourcing benefits not just our restaurant. As highlighted by The Caterer, it also benefits the local suppliers. This creates a mutual benefit that extends throughout the local economy. ​​

Moreover, Grafterr emphasises the positive economic impacts of supporting local agriculture. This includes job creation and stimulating economic growth within the community​​. By choosing The Greyhound Inn, you’re contributing to a sustainable future. You’re also supporting local farmers and enjoying meals that reflect Dorset’s culinary heritage. At The Greyhound Inn, we believe in more than just dining; we believe in creating experiences that resonate with our guests. Our commitment to local sourcing and sustainability is not just a choice — it’s our promise to you and the beautiful county of Dorset. Join us to experience the best of local cuisine.

Every meal celebrates community, sustainability, and the unparalleled flavours of Dorset.


Best Restaurants in Dorset FAQs

Explore the best of Dorset’s dining when you feast on excellence and tradition at The Greyhound Inn.


1. What makes The Greyhound Inn stand out among the best restaurants in Dorset?


The Greyhound Inn doesn't just feature breathtaking views of Corfe Castle. Our menu also champions locally sourced ingredients. This ensures a dining experience deeply rooted in Dorset's culinary tradition and natural beauty.

2. How does The Greyhound Inn support the local economy and environment?


We prioritise ingredients from local farms and suppliers. This delivers freshness, a critical quality that contributes to the sustainability of our community. It not only supports local businesses but also minimises our carbon footprint.

3. Can I find dishes that cater to specific dietary requirements at The Greyhound Inn?


Absolutely! Our menu is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various dietary preferences. It includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Each dish is crafted with the same commitment to flavour and quality.

4. What unique dining experiences does The Greyhound Inn offer?


From dining under the shadow of Corfe Castle to enjoying seasonal specials that highlight the best of what Dorset has to offer. We provide a setting and menu that make every visit memorable.

5. Why choose The Greyhound Inn for your next dining outing in Dorset?


Choosing The Greyhound Inn means enjoying a meal while embracing a unique experience. Our Inn celebrates Dorset's heritage, beauty, and culinary excellence, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

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Here’s some extra information we used to help write this page on what sets us among the best restaurants in Dorset.


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    2. The Caterer — The benefits of local sourcing
    3. Grafterr — Sourcing local: The benefits of supporting UK farmers and suppliers
Best Restaurants in Dorset

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