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Why We’re The Soul Behind the Best Sunday Lunch in Dorset

Unearth the timeless allure of Corfe Castle while savouring the best Sunday lunch in Dorset at The Greyhound Inn.

At The Greyhound Inn, we’re not merely serving Sunday lunch. We’re curating an unparalleled experience. One that celebrates the heart of British tradition and the spellbinding beauty of Dorset. Our location, under the shadow of Corfe Castle’s timeless ruins, isn’t just a backdrop — it’s an integral part of your Sunday story. When you dine with us, you’re not just a customer. You’re a cherished guest in our storybook setting, where history and gastronomy meet as seamlessly as the sun kissing the horizon. Our mission goes beyond the plate. We’re here to offer you the best Sunday lunch in Dorset, without a doubt. But what truly fuels us is the desire to create lasting memories for everyone who walks through our door.

Are you a family looking for the perfect ending to a day spent exploring the castle? Perhaps you’re a couple seeking a romantic backdrop to their intimate conversations. Or are you and your friends coming together to rekindle a bond? No matter who you are, we welcome you all. This place is your place. Our commitment to the community runs deep, as evidenced by our tailored discounts for different groups. Whether you’ve spent the day exploring Corfe Castle, riding the Swanage Railway, working for the NHS, or are a member of the National Trust, don’t fret. We have a special place — at a special rate — just for you. And if you’re a guest at a local campsite or guesthouse, your journey for the best Sunday lunch in Dorset ends here. Come and get a delightful discount here at The Greyhound Inn.

Why do we do all of this? Because we believe that good food is like a universal language that unites us all, transcending age, background, and culture. Our Sunday lunches are a symphony of flavours, as English as a rose garden yet as contemporary as the latest London trend. Like an artist blending colours on a canvas, our chefs combine tradition and innovation to create a menu that’s not just food but an emotion. Each dish celebrates the rich tapestry of British cuisine while embracing the bounty of Dorset’s local produce. The result is the best Sunday lunch in Dorset, a glorious feast for the eyes and the soul. So come on in and take a seat at The Greyhound Inn. Here, under the shadow of Corfe Castle, we’ll treat you to a dining experience that’s not just memorable but transcendent. When you leave, you’ll take away more than just the taste of the best Sunday lunch in Dorset.

You’ll take away a piece of the soul that makes The Greyhound Inn, and indeed Dorset itself.


The Benefits of the Greyhound Inn’s Best Sunday Lunch in Dorset

Discover a Sunday lunch experience that defines tradition, indulgence, and incomparable atmosphere.

  1. Unmatched Culinary Excellence
    Our chefs are artisans of flavour. They meticulously craft each dish to ensure you experience the best Sunday lunch in Dorset.
  2. A Scenic Retreat
    The view of Corfe Castle from our garden is more than just a backdrop, but a feast for the eyes. There’s no other place in Dorset where history and gastronomy blend seamlessly.
  3. An Array of Choices for Every Palate
    Our menu is an eclectic symphony of tastes. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or a lover of classic British cuisine, you’ll find something that tingles your taste buds.
  4. We Offer More than Just a Meal But A Community
    The Greyhound Inn is not merely a place to eat; it’s a gathering hub. Your Sunday lunch becomes a memorable occasion shared with a community of food lovers.
  5. Discounts That Add to the Joy
    Special discounts for Corfe Castle visitors, Swanage Railway users, and more make the deal even sweeter. Imagine enjoying the best Sunday lunch in Dorset and saving money while you’re at it!

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Crafting the Magic Behind the Best Sunday Lunch in Dorset

Elevate your Sundays with a culinary adventure that serves the best Sunday lunch in Dorset, prepared at The Greyhound Inn.

When you enter The Greyhound Inn, you’re stepping into more than just a dining venue. You’re stepping into a realm that is deeply connected to the natural beauty of Dorset and the historic grandeur of Corfe Castle. We want to offer you a meal and a curated culinary journey that resonates with the soul of British Sunday traditions. You’ll sense something extraordinary about this place when you walk through our doors. Could it be the welcoming smiles of our staff or the captivating views surrounding you? Could it be that when we say we offer the best Sunday lunch in Dorset — we’re not simply trying to get you in the door? Instead, we’re promising that you can leave the mundane behind and indulge in an experience that’s destined to be memorable. The Greyhound Inn offers an atmosphere that prepares you for the extraordinary. It’s not just about the result on your plate. It’s about the intricate layers of dedication, passion, and expertise that go into creating that plate.

Here’s how each of our Sunday lunches is a dance between tradition and innovation, local produce and culinary expertise . . .


Quality Meets Simplicity

We understand that the secret to the best Sunday lunch in Dorset lies in the quality of ingredients. This is why we take immense pride in sourcing fresh, local, and seasonal produce that captures the essence of Dorset’s lush landscapes. Simplicity is our guide, and we let the natural flavours shine. We ensure that every dish, from the smallest sharing platter to the most elaborate main course, is a true gastronomic revelation.


A Symphony of Flavours

Our menus are tailored to suit a myriad of palates and dietary requirements. We ensure that everyone — vegans, vegetarians, or those with specific dietary needs — can find their perfect dish. While we offer British classics, we also infuse creativity, bringing innovation to tradition. Take your pick from our array of small dishes, larger plates, and truly decadent desserts. Each has been orchestrated to help us deliver you the best Sunday lunch in Dorset.


The Perfect Pour

What’s a memorable meal without the right drink to accompany it? The Greyhound Inn’s drinks menu is as carefully curated as our food. Do you fancy a locally brewed ale from The Dorset Brewing Company or an artisan gin from our boutique selection? Our skilled bar staff are always at hand to recommend the ideal pairing for your meal. From robust red wines to delicate whites, our selection guarantees that your glass will always complement what’s on your plate.


An Ever-Evolving Experience

One never knows what seasonal surprises await at The Greyhound Inn. We keep the spirit of celebration alive all year round. No matter whether you’re here for our annual Sausage and Cider Festival in October or our weekly Steak Nights during the summer. Rest assured, there’s always a reason to relish the best Sunday lunch in Dorset. Better still, it’ll be enriched by the happenings and festivities that have helped define The Greyhound Inn.


As we lift the curtain on what makes our Sunday lunches the best in Dorset, we want to leave you a lasting impression. The Greyhound Inn is not just a business. It’s a meeting point for people from all walks of life, united by a love for quality food and a genuine sense of community. In our increasingly fast-paced world, the tradition of a Sunday lunch provides a moment of pause. It’s a touchpoint of shared experiences with friends and loved ones. For this reason, we offer you more than just a meal. We offer you an experience that is a tribute to Dorset’s rich culinary and cultural landscape. It celebrates community, togetherness, and the simple joy of sharing a great meal in an even greater setting. We look forward to welcoming you soon and making you a part of this beautiful journey.

Thank you for considering The Greyhound Inn for your next unforgettable Sunday lunch experience.


Savour the Best Sunday Lunch in Dorset at The Greyhound Inn

Dive into an array of flavours that truly define what makes us the best Sunday lunch in Dorset.

Welcome to The Greyhound Inn, where the atmosphere is as rich and inviting as the dishes we serve. Located under the timeless silhouette of Corfe Castle, our establishment is more than just a place to eat; it’s a culinary destination. We pride ourselves on delivering not just a meal but an experience. One that has been meticulously crafted to stand out as the best Sunday lunch in Dorset. But what exactly sets us apart? What do we put on your plate that has both locals and tourists alike singing our praises?

Let’s delve into the flavours, the ambience, and the exceptional service that make our Sunday lunch truly incomparable . . .


The Starter Palette

As you settle into our unique atmosphere, you’re greeted by an array of starters designed to tantalise your palate. Perhaps you’d fancy a selection from our stunning array of small dishes. Each one has been meticulously crafted to showcase Dorset’s freshest ingredients. After all, what could better set the tone for the best Sunday lunch in Dorset than an introduction of such culinary finesse?


The Main Affair

Our main courses are a testament to our commitment to fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients. Our menus offer something for everyone, regardless of dietary choices. From classic pub favourites, like Cod and Chips, to vegan and gluten-free delights, our offerings go beyond mere sustenance. They’re a gastronomic journey. So, are you returning from a family walk around Corfe Castle or joining us for a romantic meal? No matter what you’re doing, when you visit, you’ll understand why we’re lauded as offering the best Sunday lunch in Dorset.


The Sweet Conclusion

Our dessert menu is no less captivating. Whether it’s a rich, creamy treat you’re after or a lighter, fruit-based dessert, your sweet tooth will not leave you unsatisfied. Take your pick from our indulgent desserts, and you’ll soon see why our guests leave not just full but fulfilled.


The Drinks Selection

A quintessential part of the best Sunday lunch in Dorset is a fine beverage to wash it all down. We’re proud to offer a range of the finest cask ales, keg lagers, and ciders. These come from local breweries like The Dorset Brewing Company and Ringwood Brewery. And it doesn’t end there. There’s our premium wine selection and an extensive list of spirits, including our own infusions. This way, we can ensure that your glass will be as satisfying as your plate. Whether you love artisan gins, hoppy ales, or full-bodied red wines, we have the perfect pairing for your meal.


Thank you for taking the time to explore what makes our Sunday lunch the best in Dorset. As you have learned, it’s not just about the food, although that’s a monumental part of it. It’s also about the environment, the selection of beverages, and most importantly, the joy of sharing a splendid meal with loved ones. The Greyhound Inn is not just a pub or a restaurant. It’s a tradition of culinary excellence and hospitality, cultivated over years of passionate service. We invite you to be a part of this tradition. Whether you’re a Dorset local, a Corfe Castle visitor, or someone simply passing through, we’re excited to welcome you.

Your table is ready, and a memorable Sunday lunch experience awaits you at The Greyhound Inn.


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Where the best Sunday lunch meets history, flavour, and unforgettable memories.

Step into a world where history, scrumptious food, and picturesque views collide. The Greyhound Inn offers you the ideal setting for your next gathering. We guarantee a memorable experience that will leave you longing for more.

If you’ve read this far and aren’t convinced, take a look at our gallery page to see the best pub food in Dorset or take a look at our Tripadvisor reviews.

Our fresh, mouth-watering dishes are served in the enchanting atmosphere of the Corfe Castle ruins. Don’t miss out on your chance to indulge in the ultimate adventure.

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