Corfe Castle Pub

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Welcome to The Greyhound Inn, a cozy and charming pub located at the foot of Corfe Castle in England. The pub is a beloved spot for locals, tourists, and travellers alike. Inside, you will find warm hospitality, friendly service, and a variety of delicious ales and spirits made with locally sourced ingredients.

Experience the charm and delight of a genuine English pub with The Greyhound Inn. Our unique setting near the beautiful Corfe Castle is ideal for cozy gatherings, special occasions, or simply a day out to remember.


Heart of Dorset

Dorset is a county full of history, beauty, and culture and the Corfe Castle Pub sits in the heart of it all. Located among rolling hills and ancient ruins, this traditional pub offers locals and visitors alike a place to relax after exploring all that Dorset has to offer.

Corfe Castle steeped in hundreds of years of history. This Grade II listed building dates back as far as 17th century England, with an impressive stone façade facing the village green

Here at The Greyhound Inn you can enjoy food made from locally sourced ingredients alongside real ales brewed onsite as well at views of this iconic Dorset landmark.


Atmosphere: Friendly & Welcoming

If you are looking for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, then the Greyhound Inn Pub the perfect place to go. This lively pub, located in the heart of Corfe Castle, offers visitors an inviting and relaxed environment where they can kick back and enjoy a few drinks with friends or family. The staff are courteous and attentive, always making sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Customers have commented on how enjoyable it is to be able to relax in such an inviting space surrounded by friendly people. You can also choose from a range of local beers as well as delicious food options including traditional English cuisine.



The Greyhound Inn is a great local spot to have a meal, enjoy traditional English ales, and take in the beauty of Corfe Castle. While there are many pubs throughout England and Wales, this particular one stands out for its unique location next to the ruins of an old castle. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed and the staff are friendly and helpful. It’s easy to see why locals love to frequent this pub – it’s a perfect place for both tourists and locals alike looking for some traditional entertainment, good food, and drinks.

The menu caters for all tastes; from classic English dishes such as fish & chips to Indian curries, you’ll be sure to find something tasty here. In addition, the selection of real ales on offer make The Greyhound is an ideal place for beer lovers too!

Corfe Castle Pub

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