Corfe Castle Restaurant

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Why Come To Our Corfe Castle Restaurant?

No matter the occasion, we are the perfect place to stop for something to eat. 

Our restaurant uses the freshest seasonal and local ingredients to provide you with the taste of Dorset. Our number one priority is to satisfy our guests, we believe we do this with a relaxing and stressless visit to our restaurant. We cater for everyone’s needs so if you have specific dietary requirements we can still provide you with food that you will enjoy.

To go with your food we have a range of the finest cask ales, keg lagers and ciders from local breweries such as The Dorset Brewing Company, Ringwood and the Purbeck Cider Company. We also have a premium selection of wines along with mainline and boutique spirits.

At The Greyhound Inn, we always put our customers first.


How Are We Separate From The Rest?

At The Greyhound Inn, we try and make your experience with us as unique as possible, so it’s not just your regular pub trip.

Obviously, one thing that makes our restaurant different is the magnificent view you get in our beer garden. It’s well-known that our establishment overlooks the breathtaking grounds of Corfe Castle and we believe that there’s nothing better to look at when you are relaxing with drinks and food. We also have food takeaway options, which will allow you to walk around the vicinity and find a nice spot to have your lunch, we realise that not everyone wants to sit inside a pub so we give you the option to eat wherever you please.

We also locally source our foods to ensure that we are supporting local businesses and to make sure we are accurately representing the local area with food and drinks that have been made by the local people.

We always try to make our customer’s experience as excellent and unique as possible by using the surroundings of our Corfe Castle restaurant to our advantage.


What Is On Our Food Menu?

At our Corfe Castle Restaurant, our menu is built to cater to everyone and what they might like.

If you are in the mood for great pub food, our team can provide a range of meals that will enlighten your day. We have

  • Burgers
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Cod Burgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Pulled Pork
  • Steak
  • Ham, Egg and Chips
  • And So much more

Vegan and Vegetarian options are also available at our Corfe Castle Restaurant.

We have quite the selection of food for you to choose from as well as a children’s menu that will more than keep them happy.


Get In Touch With Our Corfe Castle Restaurant

If you want to book a table at our restaurant, please make sure you get in contact with our team.

If you want to impress someone or take your friends somewhere with a nice view: The Greyhound Inn is the perfect place to come. If you have come this far and aren’t convinced, you should look at our gallery page to see what our dishes look like or take a look at our Tripadvisor reviews.

Corfe Castle Restaurant

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