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Discover the Joy of Authentic Pizza in Corfe Castle

This page was thoughtfully written by the team at The Greyhound Inn on 01/12/23.

At The Greyhound Inn, situated in the heart of Corfe Castle, pizza is not just a dish; it’s a culinary experience that reflects the spirit of Dorset. Our commitment to serving pizzas that delight every palate is rooted in a deep passion for quality and flavour. Here, each pizza celebrates local ingredients and traditional methods. And they’re brought to life in our historic pub setting.

Our dedication to local sourcing is at the heart of our pizza offerings. We believe the best flavours come from ingredients that haven’t travelled far. Research supports the idea that food from local sources tastes better and is better for the environment. Our team at The Greyhound Inn are happy to help sustainability by serving fresh, tasty pizzas.

Dining at The Greyhound Inn offers more than just great food; it’s about experiencing the rich history of Corfe Castle. Our location, steeped in centuries of history, provides a unique backdrop for enjoying our pizzas. Our pizzas are more than just meals. They create memorable experiences with their historical ambience and culinary excellence.

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The Benefits of Enjoying Pizza at Corfe Castle

Experience the power of locally produced pizza at The Greyhound Inn, Corfe Castle.

  1. Unmatched Freshness
    Our farm-to-table approach ensures the freshest taste in every slice of pizza​​.
  2. A Symphony of Flavours
    From classic Margheritas to innovative toppings, our pizzas are a culinary exploration​​.
  3. Historic & Modern Fusion
    Enjoy contemporary pizzas in a setting that echoes the rich history of Corfe Castle​​.
  4. Welcoming to All
    Our family-friendly environment ensures everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, enjoys their meal.
  5. Expert Pairings
    Our staff are trained to suggest the perfect local brew to complement your pizza, enhancing your dining experience​​.

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How We’ve Perfected Pizza Craftsmanship at The Greyhound Inn

Embark on a culinary journey with every bite.

Our chefs at The Greyhound Inn are pizza artisans. They blend traditional techniques with innovative recipes to create comforting and exciting pizzas. The dough is hand-kneaded, the toppings are carefully selected, and each pizza is perfectly cooked. This meticulous process guarantees a pizza that is both crisp and bursting with flavour.

We understand that pizza is a personal affair. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options, catering to various dietary needs and preferences. Our chefs take pride in accommodating requests for a gluten-free base or a vegan topping. This personalisation truly sets us apart in Corfe Castle’s culinary scene.

The Greyhound Inn is not just about serving pizza but creating a culinary journey. Each pizza blends textures and flavours to take you on a taste adventure. From the smoky aroma of our wood-fired oven to the last bite of your meal, we ensure an experience that satisfies all senses.


What Makes Us Stand Out in Corfe Castle’s Culinary Landscape

More than just pizza — signature pizzas and seasonal creativity.

Our menu at The Greyhound Inn is a testament to our creativity and responsiveness to the seasons. Our menu includes signature pizzas featuring local ingredients from Dorset. We also have seasonal specials that capture the flavours of each season. This approach not only keeps our menu fresh but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability​​.

At The Greyhound Inn, we offer a comprehensive culinary experience. Our menu extends beyond pizzas to include a variety of dishes that complement our pizza offerings. From appetisers to desserts, each item is crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our pizzas.

Our commitment at The Greyhound Inn is to offer not just food but an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left our doors. Our team is dedicated to making excellent food. We are in a unique location in Corfe Castle. That’s why people choose us for the best pizza.


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Pizza Corfe Castle

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