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Savour the best of Dorset’s pub cuisine at Corfe Castle

Step into a world where history meets hospitality, and every visit is a story waiting to be told at The Greyhound Inn.

In the quaint embrace of Corfe Castle, The Greyhound Inn stands as a beacon of Dorset’s rich heritage and culinary finesse. This isn’t merely a pub; it’s a portal to the region’s soul, offering an authentic experience that resonates with the rhythms of local life and history. As you sit in our garden, the majestic ruins of Corfe Castle form a backdrop to your meal, connecting you to centuries of stories and traditions.

At The Greyhound Inn, every dish is a testament to our commitment to freshness and quality sourced from Dorset’s lush fields and coasts. Our menu is rich with classic pub favourites and innovative offerings. It’s been carefully curated to celebrate the region’s bountiful produce and culinary artistry. For us, it’s not just about satisfying hunger. It’s also about partaking in a tradition that honours the simplicity and purity of local ingredients.

We understand that dining is more than just eating; it’s an experience that should be memorable and enriching. Our setting, under the shadow of historic ruins, offers a unique blend of relaxation and enchantment. Whether it’s a leisurely lunch after exploring the castle, a catch-up with friends, or a romantic dinner, we create moments. Moments that linger in your memory. Moments infused with the spirit of Dorset. As you dine with us, you become part of a story unfolding for generations. 

This makes The Greyhound Inn not just a stop-off point but a destination in itself.



The Benefits of Visiting Pubs in Dorset

Discover the delights of Dorset pubs, where every visit weaves a tapestry of taste and tradition.


    1. Scenic Views

      Dorset’s pubs, like The Greyhound Inn, offer more than just food and drinks; they are gateways to some of the most stunning views in England. Imagine sipping your favourite ale as you gaze upon the rolling hills and historic landscapes that define the region.

    2. Authentic Local Cuisine

      Each pub in Dorset is a culinary adventure, showcasing the best local produce and traditional recipes. However, The Greyhound Inn takes pride in serving dishes that aren’t only a feast for your taste buds. We take pride in celebrating Dorset’s rich agricultural heritage.

    3. Rich Historical Ambiance

      Dorset pubs are steeped in history, offering an atmosphere that transports you to another era. Situated close to Corfe Castle, The Greyhound Inn weaves the historical tapestry of the area into every dining experience.

    4. Community Hub

      Pubs in Dorset, including The Greyhound Inn, are more than drinking spots. They are community centres where locals and visitors alike share stories and laughter. It’s a place where friendships are formed, and memories are made over hearty meals and refreshing drinks.

    5. Exclusive Offers

      Visiting a Dorset pub like The Greyhound Inn comes with unique perks. Our pub provides special discounts to Corfe Castle visitors, Swanage Railway users, NHS staff, National Trust members, and guests of local campsites or guesthouses. We do this to ensure your experience isn’t just memorable but more affordable.



How The Greyhound Inn is One of The Best Pubs in Dorset

Let our culinary establishment guide you to a world of exquisite tastes and timeless memories.

At The Greyhound Inn, we understand that your visit is more than a search for good food and drink; it’s an exploration of Dorset’s rich culture and history. We aim to create the perfect pub experience in Dorset by blending traditional hospitality with a modern culinary ethos. We don’t just serve a meal. Instead, we provide a memorable journey that resonates with every sense. We start by offering a menu that is a homage to the local produce. Our dishes are expertly crafted by skilled chefs who highlight the unique flavours and textures of ingredients. Plus, these ingredients come from renowned Dorset establishments. These include the likes of Gulliver’s Farm Shop & Kitchen and Candy’s Farm Shop & Butchery. 

Our menu is a celebration of the region’s diverse palate. It features classic pub fare and innovative culinary creations. The area is known for its lush pastures and rich coastline, and The Greyhound Inn’s ambience adds to your experience. With the majestic Corfe Castle in view, each moment spent with us is like stepping into a living tapestry of history and beauty. Dorset’s pubs are deeply rooted in history, dating back centuries and offering a glimpse into the past. Neighbouring pubs like Barley Mow Inn and The Crown in Blandford are a testament to this rich heritage​​. 

At The Greyhound Inn, it’s not just about dining; it’s about experiencing the essence of Dorset. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the plate. We provide special offers and discounts to various visitors, making your visit enjoyable and rewarding. At The Greyhound Inn, we don’t just serve meals; we create experiences that make your visit to a Dorset pub memorable and fulfilling. Our establishment is part of a vibrant history of pubs in Dorset. After all, pubs have been central to the community life of towns and villages across the region​​. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we invite you to be part of this ongoing story.



Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dorset Pub

Unveiling the secrets of The Greyhound Inn, your ideal Dorset pub adventure.

1. What makes The Greyhound Inn unique among other pubs in Dorset?


The Greyhound Inn stands out for its exceptional location with a direct view of Corfe Castle. Its vantage point offers a blend of historic ambience and modern culinary delights. Our focus on sourcing local ingredients ensures every dish is a celebration of Dorset's rich produce.

2. Can I enjoy local Dorset ales at The Greyhound Inn?


Absolutely! Our selection includes a variety of Dorset's finest ales, each offering a taste of the local brewing heritage. These ales complement our menu perfectly, creating a truly Dorset-centric dining experience.

3. Is The Greyhound Inn suitable for family dining?


Yes, families are warmly welcomed. We offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere perfect for all ages and a diverse menu catering to various tastes. This way, we can ensure a delightful experience for every family member.

4. Do you offer any special discounts at The Greyhound Inn?


Indeed, we do! Visitors to Corfe Castle, Swanage Railway users, NHS staff, National Trust members, and guests of local campsites or guesthouses enjoy a 10% discount on food and drinks.

5. How does The Greyhound Inn contribute to the local community?


As a proud member of the Corfe Castle community, we actively support local suppliers and businesses. This not only enriches our offerings but also fosters a strong community spirit, making us a hub for locals and visitors alike.



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