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Embrace the Essence of Dorset’s Garden Pubs

Come and step into a world where nature and hospitality converge.

In the heart of Dorset, pubs with gardens like The Greyhound Inn offer more than just a meal; they’re a sensory haven nestled in nature. Our pub is located in the picturesque village of Corfe Castle. Our inn truly epitomises Dorset’s lush landscapes and historic allure. Each visit here is a unique encounter with the county’s natural splendour and our culinary mastery.

Imagine relishing a dish amidst Dorset’s serene countryside. Our garden isn’t just a dining area; it’s a sanctuary that amplifies every flavour and conversation. We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure an unmatched dining journey. The tranquil surroundings enhance this experience, making every meal memorable.

The Greyhound Inn celebrates British pub traditions with the beauty of Dorset’s natural landscape. Our quaint pub is an escape from the everyday, where moments are spent and treasured. Here, the joy of dining evolves into a nourishing experience for both body and soul.

Join us to understand why visiting a Dorset garden pub is more than a choice — it’s a voyage to the heart of relaxation and culinary excellence.


Five Refreshing Benefits of Pubs with Gardens in Dorset

The Greyhound Inn — where every visit becomes a cherished memory in Dorset’s garden pubs.

  1. Scenic Beauty
    Dorset’s countryside offers a stunning visual feast, and our garden pub is at its heart. This picturesque setting enhances the dining experience.
  2. Relaxing Atmosphere
    A tranquil haven awaits away from daily life’s rush. Our garden provides a serene setting perfect for relaxation and meaningful conversations.
  3. Fresh, Local Cuisine
    Taste the essence of Dorset with every bite. Crafted from locally sourced ingredients, our dishes offer the flavour of our culinary heritage.
  4. Unique Social Experience
    Connect with friends and family in a unique environment. The garden setting of our Dorset pub fosters memorable social gatherings surrounded by natural beauty.
  5. Health & Well-being
    Outdoor dining is known to enhance well-being. Our garden’s fresh air and natural ambience elevate the dining experience and overall health, as noted in research by Mind.


How to Navigate Your Perfect Day at Dorset’s Garden Pubs

Let’s unveil the path to unforgettable experiences in Dorset.

Embarking on a journey to discover the finest pubs with gardens in Dorset is an adventure in and of itself. At The Greyhound Inn, we’ll guide you through this experience, ensuring every moment is cherished and every need met. From the moment you step into our garden pub, a world of tranquillity and culinary delight unfolds.

Here’s how you can make your stay even more special . . .


Selecting Your Spot

Choose your ideal spot in our garden. Whether basking in the sunshine or nestled in a cosy corner, we offer the perfect setting for your meal.

Savouring the Menu

Dive into our menu that boasts a fusion of traditional flavours and innovative twists. Each dish celebrates Dorset’s local produce, prepared to perfection.

Enjoying the Ambiance

Let the ambience of our garden envelop you. The gentle sounds of nature complement your dining experience, adding an extra layer of pleasure.

Creating Memories

Your time at our pub is more than a meal; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories. Whether it’s a family gathering or a quiet afternoon, we make it special.


The Greyhound Inn is not just about dining; it’s about experiencing the essence of Dorset. Our commitment to excellence in service, cuisine, and atmosphere makes us a jewel among pubs with gardens in Dorset. 

Join us and let us transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary experience.



The Greyhound Inn is THE Difference in Dorset’s Pub Scene

Experience the unmatched charm of our garden pub in Dorset.

At The Greyhound Inn, our distinct garden — with its intimate view of Corfe Castle — truly sets us apart from the other garden pubs of Dorset. We’re not just a place to dine; we’re a destination for those seeking a blend of tradition, innovation, and nature’s beauty. 

Here’s how we stand out . . .


Local Culinary Delights

Our menu is a testament to Dorset’s rich culinary heritage. We take pride in serving dishes that are not only delicious but also tell the story of our local ingredients and traditional recipes.

A Garden Like No Other

Our garden isn’t just green; it’s a vibrant tapestry of flora that reflects the natural beauty of Dorset. It’s a space designed for both relaxation and engagement. A space that offers an unparalleled dining atmosphere.

A Hub for Community & Culture

We are more than a pub; we are a community hub. After regular events, live music, and cultural activities? These are just some of the things we host that make us a lively gathering place that reflects the vibrant spirit of Dorset.


But what makes The Greyhound Inn not just a choice but a destination for those after a unique experience in Dorset’s garden pubs?

 It’s our commitment to . . .

🟧 | Local flavours
🟧 | An enchanting garden atmosphere
🟧 | And a strong community connection

We invite you to come and discover the essence of Dorset with us, where every visit is not just a meal but a memorable experience.


Helpful Resources for Your Dorset Adventure

Here’s some extra information that might help you in your quest for pubs with gardens in Dorset.

  1. The Dorset Guide: Explore more about Dorset’s rich history and stunning landscapes to complement your visit to The Greyhound Inn.
  2. Dorset AONB: Discover the outstanding natural beauty of Dorset, enhancing the appeal of garden pubs like ours.
  3. Mind: This page explains how nature can help your mental health. Gives tips and ideas to try and suggests where to go for more information.

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